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Just a little bit about myself. My name's Emily, I'm 24, and I couldn't explain my life and what I've gone through if you gave me all the time in the world. A lot of people could say I am the most hyperactive, happy, sweetest person in the world and I love knowing I'm thought of that way. My friends are my life and I would do anything for them and I try to be as happy as possible every single day. But at the same time, I have been through so much and felt so much that I can't even understand it. My life is beyond complicated and sometimes I don't even know what to do with myself. One day I'm happy, the next I'm miserable. So many feelings go through me every single day and I have to always find ways to cope with them, whether it's a in a good way or bad. Now I'm in a place where I couldn't love my life any more and I am doing whatever it takes to keep my life this way. I have recently chosen to relocate myself to Boulder, Colorado as a way to have a fresh beginning. To find myself and to enjoy what I love most: healthy cooking and being outside.
One of my absolute biggest passions is helping people and giving advice to the best of my ability to make those around me smile. I believe everyone deserves an amazing life so always feel free to talk to me about absolutely anything.

Now I&#8217;ve changed and I hate who I&#8217;ve become. I want to go back to that girl everyone loved.


    Now I’ve changed and I hate who I’ve become. I want to go back to that girl everyone loved.

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      Now I’ve changed and I hate who I’ve become. I want to go back to that girl everyone loved.
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